Handbook for Conservationists


The Indian Law Resource Center is writing a one-of-a-kind handbook for conservationists that will help build collaboration between conservationists and Indian and Alaska Native nations. The goal of the handbook is to facilitate better alliances in order to improve the effectiveness of conservation efforts. The handbook will provide essential information and access to useful resources and references for conservationists and environmental organizations concerning the sovereign and legal character of Indian and Alaska Native nations, about their governments and lands, and about the laws affecting them.  Protection of the environment is enormously important among Native communities. Yet collaboration between Native peoples and conservation organizations often is impeded because today there is no ready resource to provide conservationists with practical information about how to work with Indian and Alaska Native peoples and about their lands, histories, cultures and legal rights. Our handbook will expand understanding of Indian and Alaska Native tribes and will help foster positive relationships between conservationists and Native communities. We expect this resource to be a building block for powerful alliances that will protect the rights of Native peoples while also helping to protect threatened lands and ecosystems in the United States.