Defensoria Q’eqchi’

Asociación Estoreña Para el Desarrollo Integral (AEPDI) is a Guatemalan non-profit organization working to promote the social development of the Maya Q'eqchi', Garifuna, and non-indigenous communities in El Estor, Guatemala. The organization’s Defensoria Q'eqchi' program provides legal and strategic assistance to Maya Q'eqchi' communities fighting for their environmental and human rights, as well as their cultural rights to maintain their traditional forms of organization and governance. The Defensoria supports community efforts through advocacy work and by promoting civic participation and leadership building in Q'eqchi' communities. The Indian Law Resource Center and the Defensoria Q'eqchi' have been advising Agua Caliente Lote 9 and other Maya Q'eqchi' communities affected by the "Fenix" nickel mine project and protected areas.

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