Message from the Executive Director

American Indian and indigenous peoples around the globe are coming together, like never before, calling for fairness and equality, for dignity, and for opportunity. We are seizing our chance to influence the societal decisions affecting us and to exercise our right to choose our paths and define our success.

For over 35 years, the Indian Law Resource Center has helped weave together the fabric of this movement. With Indian and
Alaska Native nations, we have defined, championed, and advanced new human rights at the international level. We have mounted legal challenges against forces that threatened to bury Indian sovereignty and won justice in national and international legal and policy arenas. We have raised awareness of the systemic inequities and, along the way, changed attitudes that were predicated on ignorance and racism. Certainly a great deal remains to be done, but the opportunities that are before us today are absolutely immense. Please join us in pursuing this quest for justice for indigenous peoples. Together we are stronger.

Robert T. Coulter, President and Executive Director