A Gathering of Voices

Coastal Communities, Culture and Conservation Without Borders

  The Sitka Tribe of Alaska, the Douglas Indian Association, Ecotrust Canada, and the Center organized a roundtable in May of 2000 for indigenous leaders to discuss indigenous cultural and subsistence activities in the temperate rain forest region of Alaska and Canada. The tribes and First Nations attending the roundtable discussed the possibility of forming a permanent indigenous bio-regional coalition that would focus on issues of common concern in the region.

  As preparation for a second gathering, Center staff visited several tribes and First Nations in the Tongass Forest bioregion and identified the conservation needs and common issues affecting communities in the region. We completed a report synthesizing the results of these meetings and making recommendations for follow up and collaborations in the region.

Conservation Nations: A Follow-Up Report to “A Gathering of Voices” (Large file - 4MB PDF)