A Proclamation on Missing Or Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day

President Biden proclaimed May 5, 2022, as Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day calling on all Americans and asking “all levels of government to support Tribal governments and Tribal communities’ efforts to increase awareness of the issue of missing or murdered Indigenous persons through appropriate programs and activities” and to “commit to working with tribal Nations and communities to achieve justice and healing.” The Indian Law Resource Center joins others across the United States in remembering indigenous victims and their families and will continue our work to help ensure that indigenous peoples, particularly indigenous women and children, enjoy the full protection and guarantees against all forms of violence and discrimination as affirmed in the UN and American Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Read the full Presidential Proclamation at https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2022/05/04/a-proclamation-on-missing-or-murdered-indigenous-persons-awareness-day-2022/