Center urges the United Nations to act on the World Conference recommendations


July 20, 2015 |  Geneva, Switzerland

Karla General, Center attorney, was among the first to address the Eighth session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP) this morning.  The Expert Mechanism provides the UN Human Rights Council with thematic advice, in the forms of studies and research, on the rights of indigenous peoples as directed by the Council.  The Expert Mechanism may also suggest proposals to the Council for its consideration and approval.  General read a joint statement by the Center, the Native American Rights Fund, and the National Congress of American Indians, urging action on three key decisions from the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples' outcome document:

  • development of a permanent implementing and monitoring body for the UN Declaration;
  • establishment of new rules to enable the participation of indigenous governing institutions in the UN;
  • and UN actions to combat violence against indigenous women.


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