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The following proposals and memoranda were written in response to the need to identify concrete and action-oriented recommendations for the UN system and member states to adopt at the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, in order to advance the objectives of the UN Declaration. Recognizing the historic but limited opportunity provided by the World Conference, the following proposals enjoyed broad support from tribal nations and indigenous communities, and remain critical pathways for follow-up to the World Conference, including:

  1. Creation of an implementing and monitoring body for the UN Declaration.
  2. Development of new rules to establish the permanent participation of indigenous governments in the UN.
  3. Actions to address the epidemic of violence against indigenous women.

World Conference Follow-up Proposals

February 2015 proposals to implement the World Conference outcome document:

Participation of Indigenous Peoples’ Governing Institutions in the United Nations
Participación de las instituciones de gobierno de los pueblos indígenas en las Naciones Unidas
Creating a permanent body in the UN system
Creación de un órgano permanente en el sistema de la ONU
Actions to Address Violence Against Indigenous Women
Medidas para combatir la violencia contra las mujeres indígenas


Pre-World Conference Proposals:
Recommendations - English
Recomendaciones - Español