Land of the Brave – A Western Shoshone Documentary

The Indian Law Resource Center is pleased to support LAND OF THE BRAVE - Broken Treaty III, a sequel to the acclaimed BROKEN TREATY AT BATTLE MOUNTAIN and TO PROTECT MOTHER EARTH. LAND OF THE BRAVE, the third and final film of the Western Shoshone Trilogy, documents Western Shoshone life and survival over the past 20 years and their fight to protect their land and way of life. 

The films reach audiences in moving and critical ways, making them extremely valuable for conveying the difficult and crucial battle of the Western Shoshone. They are potent educational tools that can not only help build understanding among government and social leaders and the public but also help inspire all indigenous peoples to recognize and demand their human rights.

Contribute to the final editing and finishing of the film by directing a donation to LAND OF THE BRAVE.