Addressing the Actions of the Federal Administration - Opportunities for Tribal Nations to Engage in International Bodies

March 8, 2017  |  The actions and statements of the federal Administration have already done serious harm to the rights, interests, and sacred sites of many Indian nations, and they have raised serious concerns that the Administration may abandon or change some of the most important legal principles supporting the United States’ trust responsibility.   The Administration has also called into question some of the most important elements of this country’s long commitment to the Rule of Law, to equality before the law, respect for treaties, and respect for human rights.  We need hardly mention the many statements that disparage and encourage discrimination and hatred against almost all marginalized groups, women, and minorities.

With the courts increasingly unfriendly, and with Congress under the control of the President’s party, we need to find other ways and other places to take action and to speak about what is wrong and what is needed.

One such possibility is the international arena, the international bodies, particularly the United Nations and the Organization of American States.  In these places, Indian and Alaska Native nations can speak about issues, can expose and bring attention to the violations of their rights, and can reach a very broad audience of people from around the world.

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