UN Informal Interactive Hearing: Indigenous People's Proposals for the World Conference Outcome Document


The UN Informal Interactive Hearing for the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples took place June 17 and 18 at the UN Headquarters in New York, NY. This is a critical meeting for indigenous peoples and governments to put forward concrete recommendations for inclusion in the World Conference Outcome Document. Read below for the Center's proposals for the World Conference.  

 June 17 | Jefferson Keel, Lt. Governor, Chickasaw Nation 
 June 17 | Leonard Gorman, Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission 
 June 17 | Darwin Hill, Chief, Tonawanda Seneca and board member of the Indian Law Resource Center  
 June 17 | Leonard Gorman, Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission, requests the World Conference to address the issue and take concrete action pertaining to the protection of cultural rights which includes lands, territories, and resources. The action would include sacred sites and sacred places.  
 June 17 | Robert T. Coulter, the Center's Executive Director, asked the World Conference to create a distinct and appropriate status for indigenous peoples within the UN system in order for indigenous peoples to participate effectively on a permanent basis.  
 June 18 | Karla General, staff attorney at the Center, presents recommendations to better protect the rights and safetey of indigenous women and children globally.