UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues calls for an Expert Group Meeting on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

[Helena, MT, May 29, 2019] - The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues has recommended that the UN Economic and Social Council “approve an international expert group meeting, as soon as possible, to draw attention to ongoing issues of human trafficking, impunity, and the failure of police and justice systems to respond to cases of missing and murdered indigenous women." The Permanent Forum made this recommendation in response to the voices of countless indigenous advocates and allies who have done so much work to bring awareness to this issue, and in response to the advocacy o

International Commission Investigates and Pledges to Monitor Violence Against Indigenous Women in the U.S.

In October, the Indian Law Resource Center, the Alaska Native Women’s Resource Center, and the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center testified before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, bringing international attention to the high rates of violence against Native women in the United States and the unworkable, discriminatory criminal jurisdictional scheme that limits Tribes’ authority and ability to address this crisis in reservation communities. The Commission, astonished by what they heard, pledged to continue monitoring the situation and to assist in any way. (More ...)

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