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Tribes Lead the Efforts to Implement UN Declaration

by Robert T. Coulter - The Declaration contains more than 15 articles spelling out and protecting many aspects of tribal self-government and jurisdiction. Tribes are studying these detailed provisions, making strategies, and deciding what elements of the Declaration to implement first. The Declaration is a very useful guide for what changes are necessary, but it will take a strong, national campaign by tribes to get serious, concrete changes made.

Land Law Reform is Key to Finding Balance in Native Communities

A  few Indian nations have achieved  great wealth as a result of gaming enterprises, creating the impression that casinos can be a magic bullet for fixing the economic and social ills of Native communities.  But despite the  success of a few Indian nations, Indians continue to rank at the bottom of every indicator of social and economic well-being in America. 

Issue 2, 2008

  • Native Land Law Project aims to reform unjust laws
  • The People's Summit gives voice to Indigenous rights
  • Presidential candidates pledge to honor Native rights
  • Scant Progress on the OAS Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • United Nations Permanent Forum
  • Innu Nation: No compensation, no hydroelectric project

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