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President Biden: use the force of American diplomacy to end Bolsonaro's attacks on indigenous peoples and the Brazilian Amazon

The Center and COIAB (Coordination of Indigenous Organizations in the Brazilian Amazon) sent a letter to President Biden this week, alerting the administration to the increase in human rights violations against indigenous peoples in Brazil and urging the United States to prioritize the protection of indigenous peoples and the Amazon rainforest in U.S. foreign policy. The United States is in a unique position to demonstrate its commitment to fighting climate change and protecting indigenous rights through its actions and policies dealing with the government of Brazil.

Land of the Brave – A Western Shoshone Documentary

The Indian Law Resource Center is pleased to support LAND OF THE BRAVE - Broken Treaty III, a sequel to the acclaimed BROKEN TREATY AT BATTLE MOUNTAIN and TO PROTECT MOTHER EARTH. LAND OF THE BRAVE, the third and final film of the Western Shoshone Trilogy, documents Western Shoshone life and survival over the past 20 years and their fight to protect their land and way of life. 

Commentary: Seeking A Peaceful Solution for the Rapa Nui Nation

December 15, 2010 -- Wiggings asks for help to put international pressure on the Government of Chile to resolve the conflict peacefully through the Inter-American system.  American Indian leaders, community leaders and individuals concerned about the violation of collective human rights should contact Chilean authorities, and also ask the White House and the State Department to take a stand against these violent evictions.

Environmental Protection

Our work with Indian peoples has for years drawn connections between indigenous land rights, environmental protection and human rights.  In most indigenous cultures, separating these issues makes no sense.  Our Mission Statement points out the intersection of these threats to indigenous peoples: "Indian nations and tribes and other indigenous communities throughout the world are afflicted by poverty, poor health and discrimination. When indigenous peoples are deprived of their ways of life and their ties to the earth, they suffer, and many have disappeared completely."

Implementing the UN Declaration & Changing Federal Law

Changing the unjust and unworkable legal framework applied to Native tribes is the core of our work in the United States. Indian and Alaska Native nations live under a system of federal law that is unconstitutional, obsolete, and so deeply flawed that it makes it all but impossible for Native nations to improve their economic and social conditions.

Using International Human Rights Mechanisms to Promote and Protect Rights of Indian Nations and Tribes in the United States

By Robert T. Coulter, Executive Director, Indian Law Resource Center. Revised and updated by Lucy R. Simpson Staff Attorney, Indian Law Resource Center.

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