The Declaration gives us an opportunity to correct injustices in present law that make it impossible for Indian and Alaska Native nations to make much needed progress, such as the taking of Indian lands and property without compensation; the violation of treaty obligations; the stripping of... read more

Deadline Extended to Submit Comments on the Stand Against Violence and Empower (SAVE) Native Women Act extended through Dec.  2, 2011

Inter-American Commission Hearing has U.S. Officials and Native Advocates Agreeing that the Violence Must End

The World Bank's Program for Results -- P4R -- would do away with critical safeguards that protect indigenous peoples and their lands and resources.  Get informed! 

Senator Akaka introduces S.1763, legislation that would give tribes more power to prosecute violence against Native women.

Native women leaders and advocates testify before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.  Watch their testimony ...  

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Human Trafficking: Information On Cases In Indian Country Or That Involved Native Americans (July 2017), by U.S. Government Accountability Office

What actions you can take today to educate yourself and others about the terrible problem of Violence Against Women in the U.S.