Multilateral Development Banks

Oaxaca Case

Since 2012, the Center has been helping seven indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, challenge the construction of an Inter-American Development Bank funded renewable energy project.  The Mareña Renovables Wind Power Project, which was poised to become the largest wind farm in Latin America and the first in close proximity to the ocean, was planned to be built on the communities’ collectively held lands.

Mayan leadership learns how to hold development banks accountable for human rights violations

Multilateral development banks play a key role in financing large-scale development projects, such as dams and forestry initiatives, that have often had devastating impacts on indigenous people and their communities. The Center led a workshop on the United Nations System and multilateral development banks for the traditional and ancestral authorities of the Mayan Nation.

Inter-American Development Bank to Investigate Harmful Wind Power Project in Mexico

A massive wind farm project, partially funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is under investigation by the IDB’s Panel of Investigators for negatively impacting seven indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Center is providing legal assistance to the communities to ensure that there is an independent investigation of the project and that their concerns are properly addressed by the IDB’s Board of Directors.

Center urges World Bank to ensure indigenous peoples’ participation in policy review

On November 15, the World Bank held its first consultation with civil society organizations as part of a two-year process to review and update its social and environmental policies. The Center participated in the consultation to advocate for stronger protections for indigenous peoples and to urge the Bank to ensure that the experiences and recommendations of indigenous peoples are able to play a leading role in shaping any new policy framework.

Center's REDD-related Comments on FPIC Guidelines; Benefit and Risk Assessment Tool

The Center has filed additional comments related to REDD+ in our continued efforts to raise awareness of the importance of indigenous peoples’ rights in all efforts to combat climate change. We submitted comments to the UN-REDD Programme on two draft policies: the Draft Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Guidelines and the Draft Principles and Criteria and Benefit and Risk Assessment Tool.

The Center Responds to Potential Policies Impacting Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is the private sector lending arm of the World Bank.  It has some of the greatest impacts on indigenous communities around the world because it funds numerous multi-national companies and private actors.  The IFC is reviewing its processes in regards to Sustainability Framework, including the Policy on Social and Environmental Sustainability, Performance Standards, and the Policy of Disclosure of Information.

Comments and Recommendations on the IFC’s proposed Policy on Social and Environmental Sustainability and Performance Standards

The Indian Law Resource Center responds to the proposed International Finance Corporation policy that affects Indigenous peoples’ human rights.


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